Mob Psycho 100: Final Impressions


Mob Psycho 100 left a strong impression for 12 weeks in a row and the season finale did not disappoint.

There were a number of moments in Mob Psycho where my expectations were completely subverted, but the finale had to have the most notable example yet. As badly as I wanted (and expected) Mob to explode again and wipe out the remaining Claws, having Reigen being the star of the final battle was even more satisfying.

This final reflection of the show wouldn’t feel complete without talking about who turned out to be my favourite character.
I didn’t want to like Reigen at all in the beginning, but with each episode and as we got to see more facets of his character, he earned more of my respect. At first, like many others, I assumed he was just a scam artist; taking advantage of Mob’s gentle heart and esper abilities. But he takes his role as Mob’s mentor seriously and he implores Mob to never use his powers to harm others, for his own good.

It starts to be apparent that there was something more touching to Mob and Reigen’s relationship around episode 3, but the finale is where this is shown most acutely.
Mob forms numerous friendships over the course of the show, but Reigen is the only person to tell Mob that his powers don’t make him special. And despite his tremendous abilities, he must never use them to harm anyone, in fact, it’s his responsibility not to.




When his friends are losing the fight against the remaining Claw members and Mob is about to give into his emotions to save them, Reigen steps in and pulls him back from his murderous rage. After Mob channels his energy into his mentor, Reigen proceeds to overwhelm the Claws in what is one of my favourite scenes of the show.



As he bats away Ishiguro’s gravity balls like they’re soap bubbles, snaps Sakurai’s sword, and mocks Muraki’s shoulder pads, Reigen shatters their delusions and “drags them back to reality”. Perhaps it’s because he’s a conman himself that Reigen has such a good eye for BS; after stripping each Claw of their dignity, he makes it clear that they’re just kids who never grew up and that there powers aren’t a big deal: “You’re so addicted to your powers, you’ve developed tunnel vision”.



Irony; thy name is Reigen.

Mob Psycho’s action scenes were visually stunning throughout, but the finale really pulled out all the stops. Yuzuru Tachikawa storyboarded and directed the episode and constantly bombarded us with striking shots. Miyo Sato’s paint-on-glass depiction of the transfer of Mob’s power to Reigen was more charming, and engaging than a mere info dump would’ve been.



I wasn’t sure of what to expect from Mob Psycho 100 going into it  (especially after the wackiness and satire of OnePunch-Man), but what I got was a surprisingly deep and often symbolic story of an ordinary boy with extraordinary powers, and a genius interpretation of ONE’S creation. Well-written source material, paired with Tachikawa’s storytelling and directing made every episode loads of fun to watch at a time when new-season anime don’t tend to grab my attention for long.

Getting caught up on the manga is an absolute must now, but hopefully we’ll be getting a season 2 announcement soon!



Spotify | Gaming

spotify gaming

I’m an OST fanatic.

Many of my favourite games (Earthbound, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Majora’s Mask, for example) are on that list largely due to the emotional connection I have to their soundtracks. I’ll always appreciate a great OST and have played great games that I wish had paid more attention to their sonical value (ahem, Bravely Default. The same boss theme for every boss. Really?)

So it was to my obvious delight that earlier this month, Spotify launched a new Gaming category! There, you’ll find various gaming playlists created by the Spotify community, such as Dark Souls III, Assassins Creed and Guitar Hero Live. Spotify has also created its own selection of gaming playlists, such mixes include Electronic Gaming, Hip Hop Gaming and Retro Gaming.

The highlight of this new Gaming category for me, however, are the original soundtracks; located at the bottom of the section on the mobile app, or the middle tab on the Spotify Gaming site.

I had previously made a Video Game OST playlist using the normal search, but it currently only contains Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set Radio’s soundtracks. By using the Spotify Gaming search, I could sort the music alphabetically ad have a proper trawl through the tracks to see what else I could add to my playlist.

Here are a few of my favourite finds on Spotify Gaming so far:



In the Tofu Cute stand at Hyper Japan this past July

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